Worship Service – 11-24-13 Christ The King – Youth Service

Join me in congratulating our amazing youth for today’s worship service. We are blessed to have them and I really enjoyed their talents today. This is sure to be one of the most played services on our web site. Enjoy!

11-24-13 from Curt Stone on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to Worship Service – 11-24-13 Christ The King – Youth Service

  1. Judy Ludwig says:

    Amazing job done by our youth!????

  2. Deb Sterling says:

    I am very sad that I missed such a MOVING service. But I am so very HAPPY that I was able to see this video!!
    I have had most of these young people in my Sunday School Class over the years and am very proud of how they have grown into such fine young adults!
    Lindsey, you did a GREAT job!! You would make a great pastor. Definitely a great teacher.
    Pastor Mike…YES everyone still needs you….without your leadership, the youth of this congregation would not have done such a GREAT job!

  3. Betty Hilton says:

    What a wonderful service. Our youth did a great job. We were away for Thanksgiving and I am sorry we missed this moving service, but thank you, Carl for providing the video. I loved the message and the music. These young people have so much talent. We are blessed to have them.

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