Congregational Care committee needs you!

Come one, come all! All members of St. Paul’s are invited to help fill the needs of our congregation by utilizing the Congregational Care Committee. The CCC endeavors to fill requests of many types, from meals to rides to walking buddies – whatever is needed. Many of you already do these things on an individual basis; the CCC can coordinate these efforts to the benefit of both the recipients and the donors through the use of the MealTrain website. This is an example of how it works for meals: Someone notifies St. Paul’s (or me directly) that Joe Doe is coming home from the hospital and could use a couple of weeks of meals while he gets back on his feet. The CCC opens a MealTrain account for Joe that includes the dates when meals are needed, any diet restrictions/allergies, favorite foods as well as those that will hit the disposal before you hit the far end of the driveway, and any other pertinent information. An email that includes a link to MealTrain then goes out. If someone can provide a meal on a highlighted date, the donor clicks on the date and fills in the info on what will be provided. This way the recipient (who also has access to the website) will know both who and what to expect. If used faithfully, this will help preclude the arrival of six different St. Paul’s members at six different times on one day with six different chicken dishes that the recipient will then have to find room for in the refrigerator/freezer next to the six different pasta dishes that arrived the day before. If something other than meals is needed, going through the CCC can take some of the pressure off of the recipient who might otherwise have to make several calls to make arrangements.

No one receiving a MealTrain email is under any obligation to participate. If you choose to do so, click on the link and sign up. If you opt out, just delete the email.

Thank you for taking this into consideration.

Bonnie Schaff
Congregational Care Committee
[email protected]

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  1. Paula says:

    Thanks for your hard work in coordinating this, Bonnie! You do an awesome job!

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