An invitation to the Feast of Victory from Pastor Mike

You are cordially invited to come to the Feast of Victory at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, this Saturday and Sunday, and every Sunday morning. This Saturday and Sunday, you will hear about a King who has prepared a wedding reception for his Son. The King is of course God and the son is Jesus. When the invitations went out however, the guests one by one said no. They made excuses that they were busy with other matters. It is the same for many of you. Too many activities in life and our Sundays are spent either cramming more activity on our plates or resting from the manic pace of life the other six days. We forget or lose sight of what a wonderful blessing of grace it is for us to be invited to the Feast of Victory, the Son’s wedding banquet. We are invited because the King loves us and not because we are in any way deserving of the invite and welcome to the Kingdom of God. Don’t send your regrets to this Sunday’s celebration. Come and feast with your brothers and sisters. The celebration won’t be the same without you!


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2 Responses to An invitation to the Feast of Victory from Pastor Mike

  1. Betty Hilton says:

    What a great way to invite people to church! Love this.

  2. Donna Bruno says:

    Very intriguing invitation. I’m coming.

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