A request from John at DCF via Social Concerns

John, our caseworker from DCF, has a family that was displaced from out of state, came to a cheap hotel in Torrington for one week and then ran out of money, was homeless for an additional 2 weeks and living in a shelter.  They have now found an apartment and expect to move in on 9/3.   

They have nothing.  The ages of the children are 14, 12, 8 and 3.  The two oldest are girls, the youngest are boys.  If anyone can help me with donated items at all, to start their apartment, that would be great. 

They mainly need kitchen stuff, plates, utensils, beds, dressers.
 Anything is appreciated, call the DCF worker John directly at 496-5725.  

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8 Responses to A request from John at DCF via Social Concerns

  1. Betty Hilton says:

    I have mixing bowl set of 3, a 2 1/2 qt corningware casserole dish with cover and 2 brand new large throws that could be used on the beds. If the mother wears a size 14 and needs jeans, I also have several pair. I also have sneakers size 8 1/2 wide which are like new. I may have other things but need to look around.

  2. deborah kolek says:

    i have a set of blue dishes they can have.

  3. Christina says:

    What are the children’s sizes? I have a few people who may be able to help. Also, I have plates they can have.

  4. rachelharrel says:

    Thanks! You can drop them off oat the church or call JOhn at 860-496-5725 and he will pick them up.

  5. rachelharrel says:

    Thanks Betty! You can call John directly at 860-496-5725 and he will pick up or you can drop items off at the church.

  6. rachelharrel says:

    I am not sure, please call John 860-496-5725 for details.

  7. Mary Erickson says:

    Rachel- just wanted to thank you for this wonderful email connection. I was looking for a new home for a like-new mattress and pillows from Yogabed.com. I called John to leave him a message. Hoping it works for the family! Thanks, Mary/Yogabed

  8. rachelharrel says:

    Thank you Mary! How wonderful!

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